She ruined Bedazzled too: Elizabeth Hurley Organic Oat Bar


Not an Elizabeth Hurley fan – I don’t actually get what she does but hey, I guess she does look good in a Bikini?! I spotted these Elizabeth Hurley Oat Bats whilst in Holland & Barretts. I specifically bought them to moan about them. Why? Because sure they look chic but they are tiny! Just 26grams. Yes its under 100 calories, of course it is because it couldn’t feed a 2 year old. Don’t be […]

Sunday Hauling: Shopping in the Muji Bargain Bin!


Muji, Muji, how I love thee. So the other day I did some hauling – I noticed some bargain bins in the store and ended up picking up some random bits which I thought I’d share! Remember when I reviewed The Japanese Skincare Revolution by Chizu Saeki? She recommended using a swan neck bottle to perform a water massage on the face. I could not find a swan neck bottle anywhere (there might be another […]

You roast the chicken, not yourself: Calypso Deep Tan Original Carrot Oil


I was searching eBay for some SPF protection for my hair and scalp, when I spotted this Calypso Deep Tan Original Carrot Oil with SPF….0. Man, do they still make this stuff? I remember when the girls at school used to cover themselves in vegetable oil and burn themselves in the “front” garden, over a sunny weekend in the pursuit of a tan. They’d turn up at school nice and toasty the for the next […]

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