All of us are lost: 5 beauty items I’d really like to find…please..?


Mr C shouts at me when I lose things, because in the end, it will be him who has to help me look for them for hours, only for me to find that I’ve been sitting on it the whole time. Sometimes I forget what I have in my collection and I have to search for it on the blog to make sure I actually own it (sad, I know). Then I can try and […]

Pretty, Pretty Bottles: Paul & Joe Top Coat and Base Coat


My nails are still stained from Flamingo Pink nail polish (by Barry M) – I am waiting for the yellowness to grow out. USE A BASE COAT THEN! you cry… I did! It still stained It did make me go out and buy some new nail base and top coats anyway, to see how effective different brands are at protecting the nail from staining. I had to buy these Paul & Joe top and base […]

Like Blemish Balms? Try Skin79 BB Perfect Cover Concealer Palette!


Man, I hate eBay. I can now make a purchase in about 18 seconds flat, and suddenly all this stuff lands on my doormat and I’m like, “Woah. How did this get here?”. Ahem. Skin79 is a Korean brand that primarily makes BB creams (Blemish Balms – basically an all in one product, foundation, sunscreen, concealer, moisturiser – they aren’t just supposed to be cosmetic, they are supposed to improve your skin condition too.) I […]

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