Coffee not required: Anatomicals Snoozers Are Losers Energy Boost Patch Review


Caffeine, sweet nectar of life. Without it I would be a walking zombie…or a greater walking zombie than I already am. See I don’t get much sleep and boy does it show in the mornings, and mid-afternoon after lunch. I purchased a box of Anatomicals rather strange invention, Snoozers and Losers Energy Boost Patches, from eBay as they were just £1.75 for a pack of six. I thought these were sachet drinks – the usual […]

CND Shellac Hybrid Nails 2 Week Update and Removal Process!


I had my nails Shellac’d a few weeks ago. Shellac is supposed to last for the minimum of 2 weeks without chipping, as it’s a hybrid of polish and gel. I took a photo of my nails exactly 2 weeks after the treatment. I would say that I use my hands a lot, but to be fair, I don’t do much manual labour per se, I certainly don’t shy away from using my nails to […]

Can you guess what it is? White balls that smell a bit


And that is the best title I could think of – tragic or what?! Today I have this mysterious snowball like thing, and I would like you to guess what it is! I am sure it’s familiar. I bought this for use as a cosmetic item – what is it and what on earth can it be used for? Tell me in the comments!

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