Like using a Sharpie on your eyes: NYX Super Fat Marker Eyeliner Review


Remember at high school, when you used to use Tippex on your nails, or felt tip on your eyes? No? I must’ve went to a particularly degenerative high school because some of the classic things my peers did to themselves (and each other) included: 1. Using Tippex on nails (this is a classic) 2. Using Tippex as eyeliner 3. Using black permanent marker as eyeliner 4. Stapling nails 5. Giving each other love bites on […]

All those Blues! Frontcover Palette Mermaid Dreams, Review, Swatches & Make Over


Whenever I mention the Frontcover range on this blog, the ladeez love it! Frontcover make palettes that come with tons of colours, brushes, sometimes lashes, sometimes mascara etc. They’re like complete kits or looks in a box. Mermaid Dreams is one of Frontcover’s latest releases. Just on first sight, I knew it was my bag. All those blues and greens! This palette contains 20 shades of eyeshadow, all baked colours, a shadowline, which is a […]

Beauty Bargain Purchase: Stila Eyeshadow Quad in Marrakesh


Recently, at Clothes Show London I picked up this pretty little palette from a stall for just £5! This quad is called Marrakesh and has a mixture of neutral brown and beige slightly shimmery tones: The official description says there’s a Rose, Gold, Bronze and Brown in this quad – all very wearable and safe. So safe that I nearly skipped the palette but at £5 – I figured I could give it away if […]

Boo Hiss, No T’internet!


Sorry guys, my internet is still off. I am using a stolen borrowed dongle and can’t answer comments or anything like that. I am however, using my Twitter because I can use it on my phone (with a lot of difficulty!). Handy for if you need to know if your chicken is edible or not. Won’t be long, I’ll be back!

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