Just a note: Linking to Cosmetic Candy


I am always super super grateful to anyone who includes me on their Blogroll (I am updating mine at the moment! Please do bear with me as I have lots of great blogs to add and I am currently spending the next week or so fixing bugs and pages on the site!). I’ve noticed that sometimes, (I think it might be a blogspot problem as it seems to affect blogrools that include an image of […]

Stay, don’t stray: Trish McEvoy 24-Hour Eye Shadow and Liner in Topaz & Crystal Gray Review & Swatches


Y’all know (I’ve always wanted to say y’all) I love dual use products, and I have a thing of soft pencils. I am in fact, really in love with the Top Shop Sun Shower Crayon – so beautiful – but creases horribly. So I was giddy when I received these Trish McEvoy 24 Hour Eye Shadow and Liner pencils. Giddy but tentative…like going to a job interview. In my experience, super soft eye crayons, because […]

My favourite curling tongs: Ego Professional Twister Ego Curling Tongs Review


I love having curly hair, but, I do find it tricky with my extremely (not from choice!) layered hair. At the moment I have a few conical wands – yes they are great, but they are also tricky when you have short and long hair and if you don’t pay attention, like me, you are easily burned. Ouch. I LOVE my rollers but they take quite a lot of time to put in. I like […]

Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact Rouge G in 01 Guerlinade Review


I recently got a card sampler of some Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks – here are the swatches: Grenade Gina Galia (my favourite) and Ginger. I had to go and buy a full sized one to try out after this success! The lipstick is expensive (I can’t remember how much, I think it was £25). It comes in heavy duty, luxurious packaging which has sexy curves, and pops open to reveal a mirror inside. I chose […]