Tangled lashes? Try this took: The Savvylash lash separator Review


I am obsessed with lashes although I definitely make plenty of lash/mascara mistakes…all the time! But I’m learning! I am generally too lazy to give my lashes a comb through (even though I should) but I just don’t have time in the morning when I do my make up to go to work. I was interested in trying the Savvylash tool because it’s a quicker way of getting rid of clumps! Ok so the Savvylash […]

Skinfood Fresh Juice Lip Gloss, Peach Juice & Coffee Bean Review


Love Skinfood so much at the moment, they have so many ranges of cosmetics and skincare too choose from it’s hard to resist. Can you imagine the scene if I got to visit Korea and was let loose in one of the stores?! *drools* Alas, I am not in Korea so I have to make do with eBay. My latest purchases are these Fresh Juice Lip Glosses, in Peach Juice (No. 6) and Coffee Bean […]

Make Applying Fake Lashes Easier?: Eylure Easi-Lash Applicator Review


Unfortunately, applying lashes is something I need to master (when I have time, I do get a sneaky practise in!). My favourite lash applicator tool (I’ve tried so many) is one by Shu Uemura. It’s really excellent for fixing down the corners of a fake lash without poking yourself in the eye. However I keep losing it. At the time of writing, my Shu Uemura Lash Applicator is indeed, lost. So I picked up this […]