Haul: Paul & Joe Make Up at Fenwick, Scary, Scary Sales Assistants


Soooo, the weekend before my No Buy rule, I paid a visit to Fenwicks in London. I’ve never been in the store before and to be honest it reminded me of John Lewis’s circa 1988, when my Nan used to take me shopping for pop socks and navy leather handbags. So I walked past the scary bits of the store, where the SA’s were a little full on, and round the corner was the glorious […]

I got Shellac’d! Testing the CND Shellac Hybrid Nail Color at Gielly Green Salon


There has been much chatter about CND’s (Creative Nail Design) Shellac. It looks like nail polish, it applies like nail polish but you set it like a gel, and it lasts for 14 days without chipping (possibly more!). It also comes off in 10 minutes easily and dries immediately – before you leave the salon! I am no nail expert – I have recently become really fond of polish but I can’t tolerate anything that […]