Hair Dye Hints & Tips & Japanese Hair Dye Palty Hair Colors!


Hair dye tips, from someone who dyed their hair green? Yes, really. I get a lot of questions about the Japanese Hair Dyes, so I thought I’d do a quick post on choosing a Japanese hair dye and also show the gorgeous new visuals from Palty – the shades haven’t actually changed, but Palty do bother to change the imagery every now and then. I love these hair colours and I love the visuals! Yes […]

7 Random Objects of Happiness: Day 6 – Swallow & Pearl Necklace


I have completely forgotten what the shop I got this from was called – it was from The Clothes Show any how. Charlene bought it for me – why? She knows why. There’s a lot of this generic jewellery around at the moment, but I have a thing for pearls and gold toned jewellery. I also like necklaces that have one clasp, none of that extender chain rubbish. I wonder if this will make me […]

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