Non Make Up Related Rant: CSL Sofa Adverts are so bad, they makes me want to punch someone..

…or something. I mean sofa adverts are the scourge of the earth anyway but this CSL one is takes it to a whole new level. It’s trying to give you a narrative, a storyline, a la Nescafe Gold Blend and demonstrate the passing of time a la John Lewis except, John Lewis’s advert used effective editing and actors to demonstrate this, and also left you with a warm fuzzy feeling. This one uses unsubtle captions […]

Screw You!: Don’t use Fastway Couriers, they’re really really crap


Let me get this out before I have my dinner or I’ll have indigestion. So after loads and loads of trouble, I managed to find a business card company would would print some cards for me on the day and ship them out within 24 hours. I had to do a lot of research, make a lot of calls because not many companies will print that quickly for you. Basically I have an event on […]

Kissing Day Special: LOTD Current Favourite Lip Gloss Paul & Joe in 06


Ideally, for Kissing Day there would be no lip gloss (men hate that stuff!) but I couldn’t resist featuring my current favourite lip gloss (favourite lip gloss gets to sit in my coat pocket). It’s Paul & Joe’s Lip Gloss – in the new packaging in 06 which is the perfect peach with a slight shimmer: The applicator is a brush. It seems to be softer than the old brushers: And on the lips…

Kissing Day Special: Feeling Scaly? Lizard Lips Natural Lip Balm Review


The search for perfect lip balm never ends, and since it takes me 5 days to lose one, I was more than happy to get these Lizard Lips Natural Lip Balms in the post. I hate it when a product calls itself natural and then you take one look at the ingredients and it’s full of crap! Lizard Lips is rather good ingredients wise – it’s free from Parabens, Glutens and Petroleum. It also has […]

Kissing Day Special: Dawood & Tanner Tooth Cleanser Garden Mint & Sicilian Lemon


Special tooth paste (or should I say cleanser?!) Are you mad?! Well, surely I don’t need to answer that…. Quite frankly I am always searching for the right toothpaste for me, because I hate having a dry mouth with a lot of modern toothpaste’s cause. So I was excited…too excited…about this Tooth Cleanser from Dawood & Tanner. Tooth Cleanser?! How posh! You HAVE to hear the flavours. Garden Mint and Sicilian Lemon! NOMS! (But don’t […]

Kissing Day Special: Philosophy Big Mouth Lip Plumper Gloss in Nude


Are you a fan of lip plumpers? Me…sort of. I do like a bit of a tingle, but not too much and also I already have very full lips so I’m not really looking for the fish lips look, thanks. I was sent this extremely cute Philosophy Big Mouth (was that the message?!) Lip Plumper Gloss in Nude to try. Cute Bee….. They say, use this if: # you want super soft, super sexy lips […]

7 Random Objects of Happiness: Day 2 – Pilot Permaball Pens


Not only do I love notebooks – I also love pens… No point buying the perfect notebook and not writing with the perfect pen right? Not kidding – I will throw tantrums when someone hands me their chewed up old Bic. My favourite pen is by Pilot and its called the Permaball. It writes at 1 mm (thick!), it’s super inky but totally permanent when dry. They recently discontinued it for a recycled version, which […]

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