Elizabeth Grant The Socialiizer Bright Lights & Late Nights Review


I wasn’t sure what to expect when Elizabeth Grant’s “The Socializer” arrived through my door. For one thing I’ve never even heard of Elizabeth Grant, or The Socializer. What it is, is a funky tube filled with two clicky pens: The two pens are brightening & hydrating treatments (I thought they’d be like Touche Eclat!), the Bright Lights (for day) and Late Nights (for the evening): Bright Lights uses Mica, a mineral light diffuser that […]

Getting Eyelash Extensions? Quick Pros & Cons


I will be doing a proper, full comparison of the various lash extension treatments I have tried soon, but since a reader Debbie asked me for a quick pro and cons list of having lash extensions done…here it is! Pros: 1. Lash Extensions look amazing when done by a talented technician! 2. They can look as natural or dramatic as you want so you can customise your lashes (length etc.) 3. They last for a […]

Announcements: Going Away!


Just for a few days. Posting will be a little sporadic. Looking forward to spending some time with Mr C in the sunshine and curbing my addiction to the internet. Had a mad week – have you had a good week? Have dealt with the death of a close friend, but there is also some sunshine on the horizon (normal, day to day life stuff) which I can’t talk about just yet… Promise to be […]

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