I’m sorry, how cute? Paul & Joe Clair de Lune Collection Autumn 2010


Once I got to about Grade 5 on piano, I started to tackle the work of Debussy (looks simple, but the magic is in the emotion!) and Clair de Lune is one of the pieces I did first, with my heavy handed chords and clumsy right hand. But readers! I was only 12! Here is the piece if you are unfamiliar…or maybe you should press play anyway as we continue on with the piece!…. Now, […]

The most natural face powder, ever! Sofina Primavista Keep & Reset Powder Review


Primavista is a Japanese brand created by Sofina, one of the big cosmetic companies in Japan (and one of the best!). Primavista is focused on base products; primers, concealers, foundations and powders. I have been completely dying to try something from their range (but nervous as to whether I could match my skin up to the right shade) because I was confident their range would be high quality. Finally, I got a chance to try […]

Another Oxygen Mask! Missha Super Aqua Detox Enzyme Mask Review


The most famous Oxygen Mask I own is the Bliss triple oxygen facial mask which is lovely. I had to buy this Missha (Korean brand!) Super Aqua Detox Enzyme mask because it also works on the technology of ‘oxygen’ to cleanse the skin. This mask, like the Bliss Triple Oxygen, also bubbles up slightly on the skin and leaves the complexion brighter and detoxed. At around £10 on eBay including shipping, it’s more affordable that […]

Hauled it: Sparkly Lips with Paul & Joe Lip Gloss in Galaxie and Passion


eBay is such a great place for make up bargains! I picked up these two Paul & Joe Lip Glosses (they have been repackaged recently so look slightly different to the new ones) in Galaxie (a silver with glitter) and Passion (a juicy sheer red with glitter). I can never get enough of Paul & Joe packaging: I’m glad that Paul & Joe is easier to purchase these days, on various retail outlets. The silver […]

Coffee not required: Anatomicals Snoozers Are Losers Energy Boost Patch Review


Caffeine, sweet nectar of life. Without it I would be a walking zombie…or a greater walking zombie than I already am. See I don’t get much sleep and boy does it show in the mornings, and mid-afternoon after lunch. I purchased a box of Anatomicals rather strange invention, Snoozers and Losers Energy Boost Patches, from eBay as they were just £1.75 for a pack of six. I thought these were sachet drinks – the usual […]

CND Shellac Hybrid Nails 2 Week Update and Removal Process!


I had my nails Shellac’d a few weeks ago. Shellac is supposed to last for the minimum of 2 weeks without chipping, as it’s a hybrid of polish and gel. I took a photo of my nails exactly 2 weeks after the treatment. I would say that I use my hands a lot, but to be fair, I don’t do much manual labour per se, I certainly don’t shy away from using my nails to […]

Like using a Sharpie on your eyes: NYX Super Fat Marker Eyeliner Review


Remember at high school, when you used to use Tippex on your nails, or felt tip on your eyes? No? I must’ve went to a particularly degenerative high school because some of the classic things my peers did to themselves (and each other) included: 1. Using Tippex on nails (this is a classic) 2. Using Tippex as eyeliner 3. Using black permanent marker as eyeliner 4. Stapling nails 5. Giving each other love bites on […]

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