Tired, make up encrusted eyes? Rohto Lycee Eye Wash Cleansing Lotion Review


Looking after and cleaning your eyes is really important, especially when you wear as much make up on the eyes as me! That crap gets everywhere! I am a fan of good old Optrex eye wash but I recently spotted this one from Rohto (called Lycee): I bought the larger size, in 450ml. It’s pink, what else could you want? I also have the Rohto Eye Drops – man do they sting but they are […]

Keep your make up cool, dude: Refresh Make Up Chiller Bag Review


Do you ever get slimy, melting lipsticks? I do. In fact, in this kind of weather my make up starts to melt…I feel bad for it! For some products, a bit of heat doesn’t hurt. But generally speaking, you don’t want your make up to be toasted under the sun. Enter the Refresh Make Up Bag, a snazzy invention that keeps your make up cool. They say: The Refresh Make-up Chiller is an ingenious way […]

Neals Yard Rejuvenating Frankincense Eye & Lip Serum Review


I am a massive fan of the Neals Yard Rejuvenating Frankincense range – LOVE. However, my complaint about the face cream is that it’s quite stinky. I have the face cream, the toner, the serum (amazing stuff) and face wash from the range. And now this – the Eye & Lip Serum! An intensive daily treatment to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, with rejuvenating frankincense; moisturising, elasticity-boosting baobab oil; firming nutrient-rich marine algae […]

Fruity Clean Skin: Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash Review & Cleanser Chat


My mum and aunties have no time for luxurious skincare – they are good old Olay and Neutrogena woman and sometimes, I do have to ponder if simple is best. They used to use a Neutrogena in a light blue opaque bottle – anyone else remember it? It smelt like fairy liquid but it was their favourite product. Of course I buy a lot of skincare and I get sent things to try, so I […]

Auntie Review: Transformulas Face Control & Lightening Creme with Anti Bag Technology!


Because I am soooo young and soooo perky (ahem) I passed on this Transformulas Face Control & Lightening Cream to my auntie to try for 6 weeks. They say: Because this American Beauty Award-winning formula is a partnership of the wonder ingredients EYESERYL and Gatuline Expression – two active elements in the front-line war against ageing skin. It is supposed to: BRIGHTEN, FIRM, LIFT SKIN, REDUCE PUFFINESS, IMPROVE HYDRATION, CALM, COOL, PRIME AND I DON’T […]

Get glowing cheeks: Natio Mineral Illuminating Powder Review


Natio is a “natural” Australian brand which recently parked its bum in Debenhams. I was sent this Mineral Illuminating Powder to test. They say: A light reflecting powder that instantly lifts and brightens skin tone. Iridescent highlights draw attention to the skin leaving it fresh and radiant looking. This Illuminating Powder comes with a brush on the top of the case. The powder doesn’t come through to the top of the brush (as I thought), […]

Instant, Even Skin: Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer Review


I have such a thing for Primers (it seems like I have a thing for everything, but please, bear with me!). I love eyeshadow primers, lip primers and foundation primers – anything that makes the application smoother and easier, anything that makes the my base last longer. I was gifted this rather Pixi Primer from Pixi: I believe this comes in two colour variations, Evenskin 1 and Evenskin 2. I have Evenskin 2 which is […]

Dying of Hayfever…? Runny Nose, Itchy Eyes, Tips Tips TIps


I’ve been running around completely cocky this year, telling everyone how I was once a hardcore sufferer of Hayfever and had got over it due to improved immunity to allergens due to living with cats. IITADTLWC I call it. Then BOOM, it hit be like a brick last weekend – the itchy, scratchy throat, runny nose, itchy eyes. Its just hideous and I am sure that my medicine works for about 5 minutes. So I […]

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