Cheap & Cheerful: Boots No. 17 Mirror On Lipstick Review and Swatches


Boots No. 17 have released a collection of lipstick in bright blue shiny cases called “Mirror On”. Can you guess what they’ll be like yet? Containing the perfect combination of pigment and micro pearls, it cleverly reflects the light to create the optical illusion of fuller lips and gives a super sheer, wet-look finish. 17 […]

Do they really work? Detox Foot Pads Review


I write the review tentatively because I don’t like recommending things built around pseudo science but still…here goes. My friend who is a recruitment consultant has a lot of migraines (that figures) had tried out some detox foot pads to see if they would help her sleep better and get rid of head pain. She […]

Blog Sale Update, June 2010!


Just to let you know all items that have been paid for were sent out. It takes 1-5 days in the UK and can take up to 30 days internationally depending on where you are located. Thankyou x 1,000,000 for shopping on my blog sale, as always! I’ve realised a few things from this blog […]

Poll Time: Do you give in to pressure selling?


As seasoned as I am on make up counters, there are times, when faced with a full frontal Sales Assistant attack that I just cannot defend myself. She’s too scary. She’s too forceful. She’s too good at giving me reasons why I need her product. She is already calculating what to spend her bonus on. […]

Just a hint of tint: theBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen Product Review & Swatches


I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of dual use cheek and lip stains are actually quite rubbish. They’re either too sheer, or look horrible on the lips, or a weird texture…dunno, finding a good one is hard. I got this theBalm Stainiac ages ago, but didn’t bother looking at it until recently when […]

Hydrate my mop! Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum Review


My hair is in a right state at the moment, having dyed twice in a few days and I had a bad haircut (I’ve just realised HOW short my layers are) so when its frizzy, I look like a mushroom head: What a Hair-Mare. So one thing I can do for my hair is give […]

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