New Video is coming!


Sorry it’s taken me so long! So much for being on a roll with videos but respect to the girls that do it – it’s hard work thinking of ideas, planning, filming, putting it together and producing something entertaining and under 10 minutes! The new video is probably the kind of video I will end up producing the most – make up themed, but ultimately, a bit of fun! Anyway, subscribe to the channel HERE […]

Tragic News of the Day: I’m allergic to…….Chanel Eyeshadows!


I love Chanel make up in general – who doesn’t? But I had some make up done recently with a Chanel Quad, and boy did my eyes water and water. Then I remembered that I went through another phase when my eye used to just water every morning, and it was every time I used my Chanel Nymphea Quad! So I tested my theory and yeah – I look like a cry baby. Tragedy! I […]

Digging out my camera: 10 Random Lazy Sunday Garden Photos


For no reason whatsoever, its a Sunday ramble post! I was left holding the baby recently, and I decided to dig out my SLR since it was a warm day and take some photos of my aunts 18 month old daughter. So I don’t know who was more disturbed, her or me. She had just woken up and was super grouchy, I had just gotten over her waking up and screaming when she realised I […]

Dry Hair Fixer: Lucido-L Hair Treatment Essence


My hair, incase you didn’t know, is a faint shade of green and I look like I’ve been crawling out of a wind chunnel most days. Painful stuff. Until I get a snazzy new hair cut I will have to put intensive treatments. Generally speaking I don’t like leave in treatments if they leave the hair greasy or lank. One of the reasons I love Japanese treatments is because they feel so light on the […]

Perfect Powder? Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent Review


I don’t know why I have a thing for Loose Powders, especially as most of them last a life time – why would I need more than, say, one?! I did really like the Armani Micro Fil Powder before I realised it is SUPER sparkly, and I iz no Edward Cullen. Nevertheless, I purchased this Laura Mercier Loose Powder to try – I’ve heard so many good things about it. Something about the brown of […]

Brighten, Lighten: Fresh Supernova Radiance Brightening Pen Review


I’ve never owned anything by Fresh before I was sent this concealer to test, but it certainly looks like my kind of brand! So the item I got my paws on was this Fresh Supernova (ooh!) Radiance Brightening Pen. This is one of Touche Eclat many illegitimate children; the clicky pen with an illuminating-concealer-highlighting substance inside. They say: Illuminating microspheres instantly brighten and revitalize tired-looking eyes while minimizing dark shadows and imperfections. The good-for-your-skin formula […]

Dark Circles? Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Massage Serum Review


Do you suffer from dark circles under the eyes?: Panda feels your pain. I often blame my dark circles on the lack of sleep, but the science tells us that sleep isn’t actually a contributing factor to dark circles (although I certainly have puffier eyes when I haven’t slept that seem to make my dark circles look worse!). Dark circles begin as little capillaries under the eye area – blood that passes through these occasionally […]

Reader Questions: Do we like Salma Hayek’s Short Bob?


I’m getting my hair done next week and trying to gather ideas. I currently HATE my hair – it just frizzes up! I think I quite like Salma’s hair but I can’t decide if it’s just mummish? Take a look – if you can tear your eyes away from her chi-chis: Yay or Nay?

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