10 Beauty Obsessions, 10 Life Obsessions, June 2010


I am mad busy this week, but there’s always time to talk to you girls about my weekly obsessions! Please do share yours if you so wish in the comments My current 10 beauty obsessions 1. Cheek & Lip Tints. I think because it’s summer I’ve decided to collect lots of cheek and lip tints! One thing I don’t like though, is how all the tints I find tend to be red based. 2. Radiance […]

How much make up is too much make up: Jordan aka Katie Price wears it thick


I know that Katie Price is hardly subtle when it comes to her looks and image, but even I choked on my croissant when I saw her new single (not at all aimed at Peter Andre) cover: This make up, cosmetic surgery and photoshopping job is extreme! The skin, the tiny nose, the thick rubbery lips, the black drawn on brows…is it too much? It is ok because it’s her? Does anyone find this look […]

Christian Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen Review


I have a big soft spot of Dior at the moment – their products are just glamourous and high quality, and generally work very well for me. I bought this Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster, because along with tints, radiance pens are my other new obsession. They say: Professional “lightworks” – in a flash. Just one click and stroke of this lightweight, skin perfector instantly diminishes shadows, fine lines, and imperfections. Skin glows with new radiance. […]

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