Art Deco Safari Beauty Box Trio Eyeshadow Palette for Summer 2010


I have encountered Art Deco Eyeshadows before, although, it’s been a while since I bought anything from the range. As part of their Summer 2010 Safari Collection comes this Limited Edition box with three eyeshadows. The shades are brown, bronze and gold – perfect for a glowy but natural look: You normally buy an empty box palette, then add the eyeshadows, blushers, concealers, foundation etc. of your choosing. With this collection you can buy the […]

New Video is coming!


Sorry it’s taken me so long! So much for being on a roll with videos but respect to the girls that do it – it’s hard work thinking of ideas, planning, filming, putting it together and producing something entertaining and under 10 minutes! The new video is probably the kind of video I will end up producing the most – make up themed, but ultimately, a bit of fun! Anyway, subscribe to the channel HERE […]

Tragic News of the Day: I’m allergic to…….Chanel Eyeshadows!


I love Chanel make up in general – who doesn’t? But I had some make up done recently with a Chanel Quad, and boy did my eyes water and water. Then I remembered that I went through another phase when my eye used to just water every morning, and it was every time I used my Chanel Nymphea Quad! So I tested my theory and yeah – I look like a cry baby. Tragedy! I […]

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