Tired, make up encrusted eyes? Rohto Lycee Eye Wash Cleansing Lotion Review


Looking after and cleaning your eyes is really important, especially when you wear as much make up on the eyes as me! That crap gets everywhere! I am a fan of good old Optrex eye wash but I recently spotted this one from Rohto (called Lycee): I bought the larger size, in 450ml. It’s pink, what else could you want? I also have the Rohto Eye Drops – man do they sting but they are […]

Keep your make up cool, dude: Refresh Make Up Chiller Bag Review


Do you ever get slimy, melting lipsticks? I do. In fact, in this kind of weather my make up starts to melt…I feel bad for it! For some products, a bit of heat doesn’t hurt. But generally speaking, you don’t want your make up to be toasted under the sun. Enter the Refresh Make Up Bag, a snazzy invention that keeps your make up cool. They say: The Refresh Make-up Chiller is an ingenious way […]

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