Help! Hints! Bronze! Make Up Looks Advice!


I am going to a Make Up Consulation next week which I am really excited about and I need to choose ONE look that I want to achieve by the end of the session. Now – it would be very easy for me to pick something clean, elegant, simple for day to day but this is NOT my dream make up. My dream make up is bronzy, glowy, dark eyes, GLAM. This may not be […]

Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact in Ginger 43


Last colour from my lipstick sampler card is Ginger, a coppery bronze. My least favourite for sure: The texture though – divine!!! Its like YSL’s Rouge Volupte but lighter. Gorgeous. I am going to go down to the counter shortly and pick up a few of these…hoping they aren’t too expensive! What do you think of Ginger?

Random, Cute Stationery Haul: Handmade Stamps from Home Bargains


Apart from loving notebooks, I also love stamps, beads, art supplies in general – including stamps! I find that handmade stamps, or the ones that come on woodblocks can be quite expensive, about £4+ each. Well during a visit to Home Bargains (a discount store in England – I LOVE it) I found these stamps: There’s a mixture of stamps – Happy Birthday, Thankyou, even Muchas Gracias! I think they’ll come in use and are […]

Nescafe Green Blend Coffee tastes like all kinds of awful


Beep Beep – do excuse me for this non make up related post but I feel like this is a public health warning. I stumbled across this nice looking jar of coffee last week, called Nescafe Green Blend. The idea of this instant coffee is that its full of Antioxidants and is a mixture of green and roasted coffees. Healthy coffee? Sounds good to me. I am a coffee fiend, I love the stuff. First […]

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