Poll Time: Do you give in to pressure selling?


As seasoned as I am on make up counters, there are times, when faced with a full frontal Sales Assistant attack that I just cannot defend myself. She’s too scary. She’s too forceful. She’s too good at giving me reasons why I need her product. She is already calculating what to spend her bonus on. Me at the till: Some people say that they can just walk away regardless… I tend to find myself fairly […]

Squeezable Me, Baby! Lash Control Lengthening and Conditioning Mascara Review


I was sent this mascara a long, long, long time ago, and it had remained at my “to try out” box for all this time…until now! Lash Control Mascara is special because it has a squeezy section which means you can remove the excess from the brush without wasting any of the product. There’s a few variations, today we’ll have a look at the pink one which is lengthening and conditioning: They say: This unique […]

Covering Me: Kate Under Eye Concealer and Pore Concealer Review


Kate is one of my favourite Japanese brands. Visually, its nothing spectacular, but I do think their products are really good quality for a fair price. I picked up their new(ish) under eye concealer and pore concealer a few months ago to try. I do often think that no concealer can do it all – one for spots and redness might be too thick for under the eyes, something too light won’t work on the […]

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