Blog Sale and Hostgator Hosting Pants


Sorry, Sorry, If you logged on earlier to access the blog sale, the site completely crashed. This happens when there is too many people trying to view the site at the same time. I have fairly substantial hosting but even that wasn’t enough… This happened before and I upgraded accordingly, now I’ve had to upgrade AGAIN ($$$$$$) but it doesn’t look like the site is going to be too stable tonight. I’ve had poor people […]

Beauty Mishap? Catherine Zeta Jones leaves powder on, erm, nose


Just a few days ago I was defending our dear Catherine Zeta Jones against the nasty Daily Mail who were calling her old, haggard and using a clearly photoshopped image (other photo editing software is available). And then, this: Ok, ok let’s calm down. She was in the Darling Buds of May!!! Therefore, I refuse to believe this white powdery substance around her nose is anything other than Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (other brands are […]

Hauled it! Rimmel Japan Eyeshadow and Blusher Palettes


I’ve wanted these Rimmel Japan Eyeshadow Palettes for ages – but only just recently got to haul them. Rimmel in the UK doesn’t really appeal to me, although I did recently get two lovely lipsticks from them. The base products and eyeshadows don’t appeal to me at all. The Japan releases are a different matter – I think these combinations, whilst quite neutral, I still think they are quite funky looking. I bought two, 3 […]

What’s your average beauty and skincare haul?


If there’s one shop where I can always find something to buy its Boots. Boots is the biggest pharmacy/drugstore over in the UK, where you can buy make up from drugstore level to high end, healthcare items, skincare, fragrance, even baby clothes and toys. This is what I picked up on my lunch break last week: Imperial Leather Foamburst Shower Gel in Hawaiian Spa (love this, good fun) Impulse Temptation Body Spray (was on offer […]

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