Sexy Haul: ADDICTION 2010 SUMMER Limited Edition Le Mepris Palette


This is my first foray into ADDICTION, a brand backed by Kose and designed by ex-Nars make up artist Ayako. The whole line appeals to me – I am a true Nars fan, but the prices put me off. I decided to splurge after seeing the visuals for the Limited Edition Summer Collection, named Le Mepris: You can’t GET any more Nars than that – Nars is forever naming his products after films and places. […]

Video No. 1: Introductions, How do you do?

So I got cold feet yesterday (or was it the day before?) about posting the video we made over the weekend, mainly because I look like I’ve had 20 pints beforehand (I don’t drink) and sound like I’ve smoked 50 cigarettes (I don’t smoke). And God knows what people will make of the addition of children and animals, all in one 2:45 second video. Anyway, Mr Candy bullied me into submission, so here it is. […]

Blog Sale Updated Listing and stuff and stuff and stuff


Just to say that I’ve been a bit rubbish updating Blog Sale 4′s listing – have now updated, sorry if you ordered something that I already sold But dry your tears because there’s a blog sale on Saturday 5th June, 7pm GMT!!! The sun is out on Saturday, so you will probably all be out in the park having BBQ’s, but remember to take a look when you get home! (I say this with confidence, […]

Not a Review, more of a lament: My Clarisonic Face Brush Stopped Working *updated*


Update: 12/06/10 Was on the phone about 3 times to Clarisonic. Was supposed to be called back but had to chase them up and eventually Clarisonic said they’d send me a new UK charger to try. The charger came from the US, it only took about 4 days. Tried it out…and yes, it works! So it was the charger that broke, d’oh. Kudos to the Clarisonic customer service who sent out a new charger quickly […]

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