Coming up in the next 2 weeks…


How gorgeous is this weather? And here I am indoors, blogging away! I’m feeling saucy I must tell you in the next 2 weeks we have: 1. 7 Day Giveaway Like our weekly giveaways – imagine 7 full days of lovely goodies to celebrate the sunshine! Well its starting on Monday 31st May. You gotta be in it to win it! 2. Blog Sale Sorry, another one. I am currently in mega clean up mode […]

Kanebo Purenavi Face Masks for the U Zone and T Zone!


Kanebo Purenavi has two “zone” masks which I purchased from Adambeauty a while ago. I was attracted by the fact that the masks are tailored for different needs – the T-Zone mask is for the oilies and the U-Zone mask is for lifting. The U-Zone is a clear gel and the T-zone mask is more of a creamy clay. The other thing i like about these masks is that they are made for massage – […]

Stinky Hair? Try Mandom’s Baby Veil Hair Fragrance in Fruity!


I have a friend at work who I adore but she loves to smoke – I personally cannot stand cigarette smoke so when we go for lunch together, she has a habit of blowing it out near me. As I result I stink of cig smoke! And I get it in my hair – I HATE smelly hair. I bought this Hair Fragrance from Mandom (I know, Mandom!) to use on my hair during these […]

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