The Beauty Fluke: How dedicated to beauty are you?


I have made many beauty promises that I haven’t been sticking to. Why? I just don’t have much time at night to do pampers – I have a lot of work to do and usually crash out at bedtime, exhausted. So I thought I’d make some kind of pledge on here to start as of Saturday (this week) to make full use of some things I am trying out to see if I will see […]

Naris Up Blackhead Solution: Pore Clear Eggshell Essence and Charcoal Nose Pack


I can’t resist a cute little gimmicky product so I bought this from Adambeauty a few weeks back. This is Naris Up (a Japanese brand) Pore Clear Eggshell Essence and Charcoal Nose Mask/Pack for clearing pores! Nose strips work just ok on me – I have yet to find one that I love and is 100% effective. Hence I love trying these masks – apply after a shower when your skin is soft and your […]

Dior Eyeshadow Quint: 5 Color Designer All In One Artistry Palette in Smoky


I’ve this extremely pretty and useful palette for a while, and have decided to show it to you today! I personally love everything in one place, hence my obsession with palettes that put eye base, liner and shadows in one neat package. When it comes to the high end make up ranges, I do think Dior’s Quints are the best. This 5 Couleurs Designer Architecture Du Regard – or All In One Artistry Palette comes […]

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