Meet my Lipstick Lust: Elegance Paris Spice Shot Rouge Lipstick in 08


Whilst people have been talking about the Tom Ford Lipstick, the Serge Lutens, the Cle De Peau, I have been drooling over this lipstick for months and months and months. From Elegance Paris (an extremely expensive high end Japanese brand), their line of lipsticks is called Spice Shot Rouge and stand out feature is a striking streak of colour running right through the body. Here are the shades: At around £35, I wanted to pick […]

Poll Time: Do you prefer Blog Posts or Videos?


You Tube is such a wonderful place – well, it has its downside – but overall its a fantastic place to watch what I want, when I want. It got me thinking – what do most people prefer – blog posts or videos? Blog Posts require a bit more effort – you have to read through it, but it can be more informative than a video (ie. when listing ingredients). Videos are quite a tricky […]

Lips of the Day: Boots No. 7 Liplicious Moisturising Balm SPF15 in Purple Liquorice


Do you wear SPF on your lips? I’ve noticed that my lips dry out even quicker than normal in this kind of weather but I prefer some colour over just plain lip balm so I am on the look out for lipsticks and glosses that have SPF. This new Liplicious Moisturizing Balm from Boots No. 7 scared me when it landed on my doormat! Purple Liquorice is a deep purple infused with glitter. Its actually […]

Videos, Competition and Blog Sales! Stuff coming up next week…


Hallo gorgeous ladies, How are you all? Everything I planning went a bit to pot this week due to unforseen circumstances (I love that term) but everything is good to go for next week! From Monday 31st to Friday 4th there will be one giveaway per day! Just comment or tweet to win! Blog Sale on Saturday 5th at 7pm! Hope you can make it! Sorry for presenting you with another blog sale! I am […]

Get Fit Haulage: Reebok Easytone Curve Trainers


If you ever need to sell a gimmick, sell it to me because I. will. buy. it. Reebok Easytone Trainers “curve” entered my radar, and sure enough, I found this pair for £79.99 including postage via Amazon (Mr Candy kindly donated his gift vouchers so I could get these trainers!). What do you think of them? I seriously bought these just to see how they feel on, then it occured to me that £80 smackers […]

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