Blog. Sale. Read. Please.


Sorry to overload you with blog sale talk, but I have finally gone through all of the invoices as of Sunday Morning. (If you are expecting one and didn’t get it, drop me an email using the contact form). I am obviously a little late sending these out so I’d politely ask that people who get their invoices pay by midnight tonight, as waiting for someone to pay holds the process up. Many of the […]

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers – Iconic Discovery Kit Review


I was sent this cool kit by Shu Uemura to look at – Shu and me go back a long time, my first high end make up love, yada yada yada. And yet a lot of people still stare at me blankly when I tell them about Shu Uemura. “Who made your lipstick?” “Shu Uemura.” “MAC?” “She Uemura” “MAC?” “Shu Uemura” “M-A-C?” And so on. For those who don’t know, this discovery kit is a […]

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