Blog Sale Update – Times!


Ok, so I learnt something new today. When it gets to summer time, the UK runs off BST not GMT. I did not know this. I thought you could just pick which one looked prettier. Blame the Education System under Labour. So to confirm, UK girls, the time I mean is 7pm BST. When you clock says this: So revised time late:

Friday Night Treat: DHC Olive Eye Care Patch Masks Review


Thank. God. Its. Friday. Friday Night is Sheet Mask night at my house. Sheet masks are so easy to use and if I need to eat at the same time (need, not want) I pop on a eye mask (because sheet masks for the face are too restrictive). Although I did once eat a Chicken Korma with a sheet mask on, much to the disgust of Mr Candy – when I took the mask off […]

Blog Sale 4 Preview List (well….half of it…)


Ok ladies, so many of you seemed keen to see a preview list so here is one Mr Candy so so kindly sorted and compiled for me as I’ve been very under the weather. I could be moving soon and I need to finds some good homes for this unloved make up. Few important points: 1. This is not a complete list, there’s about another (rough estimate) 40-60 items to go, mainly face make up […]

Update: Creme De La Mer Treatment Creme Foundation Being Discontinuted


**UPDATE 04th May 2010** I have been in touch with the La Mer PR team and all of the Creme Foundations ARE going to be discontinued, the powder foundation and the liquid foundations will remain. Had a lovely email from reader Jayme, who informed me that one of my HG foundations, La Mer Treatment Creme Foundation is being discontinued as of the end of May. If you read this blog regularly, you will know I […]

Lips of the Day: Nars Lip Gloss in Blood Work Swatches – Scary Red!


I’ve swatched Bloodwork by Nars a few times because its so unique. Its a shiny, almost vinyl finish deep red: My my my, you do have to be careful with this one because its so pigmented, so glossy and so red. But its unique and will give you such an amazing hot red lip! What do you think of bloodwork?

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