Lips of the Day: Nars Sheer Lipstick in Barbarella (A Peach!)


Barbarella, a great name for a lipstick, is Nars’ Perfect Peach in the Sheer Formula. For this reason, I can wear this colour quite comfortably, more so that the Semi-Matte range or the Matte, which is significantly more drying. I forget how sheer this actually is, because I’m so used to Nars being madly pigmented. Two light coats on the lips equals: Not as unique as in the tube but nevertheless a pretty wearable colour. […]

Infant Art: My 4 Recent Hauls in Pictures….


Whoops. I promised myself a week ago I was NOT buying any more make up this upcoming month and I did quite well until Payday where I bought a Chanel Aqualumiere Lip Gloss in Colibri (a shimmery white) to go with my lonely Freeze . Then…it goes downhill due to something called Online Shipping and Mail Order. I’ve made 4 hauls in the last few days. I won’t be buying anything else for the rest […]

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