Randomness No. 5: Beauty Yay or Nay: Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Glittery Make Up


Sophie Ellis Bextor is certainly a very unique looking woman, although her jawline reminds me of Quagmire. She tends to wear quite bright, funky eye make up too – but what do you girls think of her latest look? I adore glitter, and she has a great cat eye shape for a lot of make up looks but personally, I think they gold all under the brow is overkill. What say you?

Randomness No. 4: Introducing my new blog & Swatch Gallery….


Hai there! First things first, the Swatch Gallery is now open, BUT only 5% of the photographs I have are on there. Still, have a look around I will be adding more images as I go along. The blog sale page and reviewers area will also be up in the next Month so keep your eyes open! Now, I have been working on a few blogs recently… What I’ve found so interesting with blogging is […]

Randomness No. 3: Handbag LUST! Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Handbag


So I watched The Bounty Hunter last night with Maniston and Gerard Butler. Awful film in every way, but Mani carried a hot hot bag throughout it. I did my research and its this one: Salvatore Ferragamo’s Sofia handbag, about £800 (I think). I love it when worn over the shoulder so much: Guess which half pint has one too?

Randomness Post No. 2: Fyrinnae Pigment Random Eyeshadow Swatches


Ok, I am in a really random mood today, so this is my random post number 2 of 5! Finally, some other random eyeshadows from Fyrinnae I forgot I owned! No idea if they still sell these, hopefully they do Magic Missiles: A bright sunshine yellow. Platinum: The perfect cool metallic silver – reminds me of a cooler version of Newcastle. Disorganization:

Randomness No. 1: New Health & Beauty Goals

I’ve decided I have three health and beauty (albeit shallow) goals: 1. Lose weight (that old chestnut) properly. 2. Look after my skin properly. 3. Grow my hair properly. Fatty Can you believe I haven’t been abroad for the last 4-5 years? Life and work has got in the way but I am determined to spend some time away and just rest this summer. Which means – its time to lose the carb face. I […]

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