Lips of the Day: Shu Uemura Supreme Shine in Red RD 165 Review


I am now the owner of three Shu Uemura Supreme Shine lipsticks – these don’t generally last too well but by god, they are absolutely – gorgeous – instant – sex – bomb. Newest addition is RD 165 which they call a ‘Universal Red’. Glossy, sheer reds are my bag. I am too chicken to wear bright, matte, opaque red lipstick out day to day – there I said it. I’m not Coco Chanel, I […]

Its Body Art, Baby: Jinny Rainbow Glitter Tattoos Review


Last year I went to a Jinny Rainbow stand near me and got some small glittery designs done. Although it was fun (the kids* loved it) I did wonder how often a grown lady would want to have a design put on her body with it being super glittery ‘an all. Anyway, they listened and came back with a finer, more adult friendly glitter and asked if I would like to try one of their […]

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