CCO Haul: MAC Dame Edna and Hello Kitty Purchases!


A week or two ago I went to the CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet) in Cheshire Oaks to see what I could find! Whilst the shop itself was pretty sparse, there were a few decent things from MAC – all Limited Editions from previous seasons. I bought three things – the mirror from the Hello Kitty […]

Bargain Find: Multy Bath Sponge for Scrub a Dub Dub!


Just a quickie, thought I’d share this cool buy that I got from Home Bargains (a discount store in the UK): The item is a Multy Bath Sponge. It looks like a natural sea sponge to be. It cost me a grand….29p! I love this sponge! Its highly absorbent and has a light exfoliating texture. […]

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