The Balm Cabana Boy Shadow and Blusher Review


Although I haven’t tried The Balm that much (or should we say enough) I am very found indeed of the face powders I have tried. Cabana Boy has been around for a while now, and it was sent to me when I specifically asked for something rosy and pink. But wait – what is a Cabana Boy? Does he do the Copa? Apparently, a Cabana boy is: “a sexy guy with a tan that he […]

Pretty Pink Lips: Senna Cosmetics Lip Lacquers in Lovedrop and Marni


These two lip lacquers from Senna are nice and thick on the lips – I love creamy lip glosses! Love Drop is a cream texture and Marni is a Pearl. Both glosses give a pretty thick coverage, and are thus hydrating and and mega glossy. You have to be careful not to slap on too much or it looks like you’ve been eating too many burgers without a napkin. Now – both lip glosses come […]

A healing solution for eczema: Inlight Organics Naturally Calming Balm Review


My skin is not without a few itchy, dry patches – I had eczema has a child and at its worse it affected my face after I had been in warm conditions. I have more or less grown out of the condition although people around me have quite a lot of difficulties – my cousins have both grown up with extreme (as in stay in the special care section of a hospital) eczema and Mr […]

Hauled It: My New Beauty Case!


Alright – so I shouldn’t be buying more make up storage, I should be downsizing but its a hard job! I have 2 ikea cabinets, a large pink cabinet, three large plastic drawers for skincare samples, a Japonesque make up trolley then about 5-6 make up bags with my day to day bits and pieces. Well…I’m sick to death of having so many bags to rummage through in the mornings – in the end I […]

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