5 of my Favourite Face Scrubs!


Good skin runs in my family – not saying we have perfect skin, but good skin as in resilient, smooth, pretty much wrinkle-less and soft. I was checking out the skin of my aunt, who is turning 40 this year and has a young 18 month toddler – she doesn’t have ANY crows feet at all (dark circles, yes!). Even my Nana who is 75 has the same amount of crows feet I see on […]

Salon Review: Jinnylash Eyelash Extensions for the Fake Eyelash Look!


Last week I tried out a service by Jinnylash… God that’s a rubbish introduction. Ok – so my lashes have been a little depressed lately, like a floppy peen, due to the remnants of my Flutter Lash Extensions falling out. I was invited to try out the Jinnylash lash extensions – and of course I duly accepted! Jinnylash is one of the first lash extension places I heard of, and these days there are of […]

5 Essential Photography Tips for Beauty Bloggers


I’ve been asked a few times about doing a Photography Guide for beauty bloggers, about using the camera and posing too, so I’ve rumbled something together for you. Hopefully you will find some tips to help you get better pictures for your blog or personal use! Ya ready? Then let’s learn the things Richard Avedon would never have taught you. 1. Do the dour duckface Every self respecting beauty blogger needs to perfect the dour […]

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