Lips of the Day: GOSH Lipstick in Darling, the perfect nude?


In a sheep moment, baa baaaaa, I went out and bought the Gosh Lipstick in Darling since I had heard so much about it being the perfect nude. Everything looks great in the tube. How did it turn out on my lips? Meh. For me its just a a Meh. I imagine this could work quite well on slightly lighter skinned girls than me – on be there’s too much of a whitish cast going […]

What to do when you have Too. Much. Make. Up.


As a beauty blogger and a general complete beauty and gadget lover I accumulate a lot of things. Whilst I personally spend spare money I have on beauty goodies (as you can see from this site), PR are also generous with samples (although the many of these never see the light of day on Cosmetic Candy). So after a fantastic week of shopping and parcels I plonked everything down, along with all the other weeks […]

Help! Emergency Hair Dye Question!


So yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to try adding some really ashy tones to my hair – I love ashy colours but now my hair has too much ash. White coloured ash. WRONG. We are in an emergency hair dye situation here girls I need to colour over this fast before the little blighters come and mock my hair . So I have a habit of buying 2 packs of hair […]

Random Mini Rant: MAC Shops


MAC sales assistants have always had a bit of a bad rap from me – whilst I’ve always moaned about their icy cold attitudes and tranny like make up, I am an open minded one. I always hope that in time, things change, things get better. So those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I had an epic day out in London yesterday. So I went to the MAC Pro shop first. […]

New Blog Layout: Your View!


Jump for joy! As you can see there’s a new look to Cosmetic Candy – its been a long time coming! We are still tweaking and adding things so the site is not 100% ready but its getting there. If you have any feedback I’d love to hear it… Is something not working? Anything you think I’ve missed? Anything you don’t understand? Let me know in the comments!

Guess What It Is: Blue Plastic Grills (Hard Quiz!)


Ok – so if you guessed in the last Guessing Game you will want to know the answer – quite easy really ladies! Its just a Home Face Mask Making Kit! Its good for powder masks that need to be mixed with liquids and anythign generally too messy. Can you just use a normal bowl? Erm, yes. Can you just use a normal spoon? No. Why not? Because I said so, that’s why. I have […]

Gorgeous! Trish McEvoy Turquoise Python Petite Makeup Planner Review


Trish McEvoy’s Limited Edition Spring offering is this super cute Python Petite Makeup Planner. If you are ever thinking of investing in Trish, I’d highly recommend trying one of their seasonal limited edition planners or the credit card palettes as you get so many items in one place. Ta Da! I am a lucky gal, cos I got this beauty in the post. I have wanted a Trish McEvoy planner for ages but its a […]

Instant Eyeliner Maker: Frontcover Shadowline Review


I was sent this shadow line product to try a while ago but only just recently had the chance to play with it. Similar to Too Faced Liquif-Eye Shadow Transformer, this little tube contains a milky liquid which promises to transform any eyeshadow into a liquid eyeliner! The pen nib is quite firm (I prefer slightly softer nibs so I can really move the brush about, but its not bad to use). As its solvent […]

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