Clarins Instant Sun Light Click & Gloss SPF6 2010 Swatches


Along with the Crystal Lip Balms, Clarins has also released three lip glosses in clicky pens for the Summer Instant Sun Light Collection: These three glosses have a SPF 6 and come in Vanilla, Coral and Cinnamon. Its the traditional clicky format. The glosses were more pigmented than I expected and have a light texture – not too heavy for the summer. It also felt quite comfortable on my lips and hydrating. Vanilla is a […]

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm Swatches Summer 2010


Out of the entire Clarins Instant Sun Light Collection for 2010, these Crystal Lip Balms were the most thing I was most excited about. They’re transparent! (or see through, if you like!) It comes in 3 shades – Crystal Coral, Crystal (looks like a light pink) and Crystal Red. As well as being a lip balm, there’s a tint of colour and its supposed to have line filling and lip perfecting qualities: 03 Crystal Red […]

Clarins Instant Sun Light Instant Smooth Highlighters in Natural & Bronze


I was also sent these two lovely Instant Smooth Highlighters from Clarins. These two limited edition highlighters are a mixture of the Instant Smooth Skin Perfector (I product I adore) and a highlighter. Natural is a sheer dewy peach with shimmer and Bronze is a golden caramel. I really like these and I’m not really one for messing about with highlighters – why? because I love instant touch, and these two highlighters have almost the […]

Clarins Instant Sun Light Eye Quartet and Liner Palette Swatches


Released mid April, Clarins’ summer collection focuses on sheer brown infused with golds teamed with a violet mascara: I am using a new base on the above photo – as you can see its flawless! (will tell you what it is later!). The palette comes in a silver case and pouch: At first I thought – Brown!?!? For Summer?!?! But then it makes sense as the colours are infused with gold making the whole thing […]

Sneak Peek: Clarins Summer Make Up Collection 2010: Instant Sunlight


Released from mid April, Clarins’ Summer Make Up Collection is called Instant Sunlight and consists of some really lovely products. 1) Instant Sunlight Eye Quartet & Liner Palette (LE) consists of four silky shades inspired by cinnamon, ginger and paprika and comes with sponge, brush and liner applicators. (£29) 2) 2 Instant Smooth Compact Highlighters in Natural & Bronze (LE) £23.50 3) The star of the collection Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms (LE) £15 each, […]

Speed Review: Naturtint Reflex Non Permanent Hair Dye


A few months ago I got my hands on this Naturtint Non Permanent Hair Dye to try out. Regular readers know I have to be careful with what hair dye I use because of my highly sensitive scalp. I have used Naturtint permanent dyes before with success but I didn’t want anything with too much commitment (I knew I was going to the salon a month later). The Naturtint Reflex hair dye is non permanent […]

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