Sleek MakeUp Dip It Liquid Eyeliner In Green Review


There are certain words and phrases that evoke a memory – so when I got my hands on this Sleek Eyeliner (got it ages ago, only just got round to…

Nail of the Day: Barielle Nail Varnish in Blossom (Wildflower Collection)


Another totally wearable nail polish from the Barielle collection is this one in Blossom! An opaque peach: Just a really nice day to day shade – I am a fan…

You Tell Me: What is a niche make up brand?


Ladies…someone asked me the question today… What is your favourite niche make up brand? Niche make up brand…first thing that popped to mind was the number of Japanese brands I…

Lip Swatches Special: NYX Round Lipstick in Topaz 570. Swatch no. 22


For the next few weeks, I am going to tackle a number of lipstick swatches because you guys seem to like them so much. First I am going to focus…

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