Sharing is Caring: FTC Guidelines Survey


When a reader needs help (not including money or kidneys – take note) I’m there! Regular reader Rachel is working on her dissertation and is looking into the trend of Online Beauty Gurus as well as the people who read/watch beauty blogs and videos. She has created a short survey (its very short, I just did it and its basically just 5 questions and all answers are anonymous (you don’t need to enter your email […]

Old Skool Beauty: Max Factor Creme Puff Foundation Review


What make up items remind you of childhood? There’s a few things that stick in my mind, things that I found from rummaging in my aunt or mother’s make up bags. 1. A YSL Lipstick in a bright red (smelt good) 2. A Mary Quant Blusher in a bright Fuchsia (The case was shiny black and had the little flower logo all over) 3. Lots of things from Boots No. 7 4. Max Factor Creme […]

Lip Swatches Special: NYX Pumpkin Pie Lipstick Swatch no. 11


For the next few weeks, I am going to tackle a number of lipstick swatches because you guys seem to like them so much. First I am going to focus on the NYX lipsticks I own (about 30 of them I think). Note: All swatches are subjective – this is just how it looks with my lighting and my camera and on my lips. So hope you comment and enjoy! Pumpkin Pie (no. 630): Looks […]

Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation Review


Regular readers know that I am 20% human and 80% zombie. Why? Lack of sleep, my dears, what do you expect with all the blogging I do? Anyway, its something which I am gradually getting better at… Meanwhile, Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation is something I am trying out to imitate the look of having lots of Zzzz’s: Oh kitty kat, I am so envious of your endless dozing. Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect […]

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