Like Nana Made it: Shills Grandma Magic Ointment


How could I not indulge when I saw a extremely cute little potted ointment endorsed by Grandma herself? This little tub (10ml) of ointment comes from Shills, a brand I have been trying out lately. This was inexpensive (about £3) so I thought it would be worth a go. As soon as I got it – I was surprised. Shills is an Asian brand, so why is the Granny on the front clearly a western […]

Mid Week Giveaway! OCC Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Complex


I know you all love Lip Tars so I have one OCC Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Complex (one of the new colours not yet officially launched) to win. Complex is so new that there are few swatches of it, but watch Enkore’s video to see the shade – its a light lilac pink type colour ———-> Want to win it? Answer This: Favourite Lipstick or Lip Gloss in the whole world. Tell me […]

Lip Swatches Special: NYX Watermelon Round Lipstick Swatch no. 09


For the next few weeks, I am going to tackle a number of lipstick swatches because you guys seem to like them so much. First I am going to focus on the NYX lipsticks I own (about 30 of them I think). Note: All swatches are subjective – this is just how it looks with my lighting and my camera and on my lips. So hope you comment and enjoy! Watermelon (no. 616): Quite a […]

Bargain Cleanser Alert: Kao Biore Cleansing Oil Review


I am trying to find the ideal skincare range for me at the moment – lets just say my skin can’t take anything too complicated or it itches and flakes like crazy. One thing I am always buying is Cleansing Oils. I’ve tried so many and to be honest, most of them are pretty decent irrespective of price. Thus, I always pick up a new one each time I run out just to try everything […]

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