Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine Lipstick Review


I was entirely innocent – there I was browsing the Shu Uemura counter when the lady (very loud, very scary) grabbed me to show me this new lipstick – the Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine! Of course I didn’t say no! D’oh! I only bought one as these babies are £19.50 each. I got shade PK340 […]

Diets are Boring


Listening to someone talking about their diet is as interesting as listening to someone tell you about the dream they had last night – completely irrelevant and usually unnecessarily detailed… So I’ll keep it short. I am trying out something called the Harcombe Diet for the next month. If it works, I’ll let you know […]

Beauty Yay or Nay? Bradley Cooper and his Uneven Fake Tan


Bradley Cooper, one of those actors who I can’t associate with any film of any substance appeared at the Valentine’s Day (The Film!) premiere the other day looking like….well, what is it?: Oh let me guess, it didn’t look like that when he left the house? Some people suggested that this wasn’t fake tan, it […]

Random Discounts & Bargains


1. Spend £15 on ELF Studio and get 20% off – Code PROSAVE (expires tomorrow Wednesday 10th Feb) 2. Spend £50 with HQhair get £10 off – Code SERIOUS (expires 12.02.10) 3. This amazing Chantecaille Lip Gloss is Guava is just $14 on Strawberrynet (yep, already bought one). Works out at about £8! 4. Get […]



Got a terrible migrane girls, can barely see a thing. So no new posts for now whilst I take a nap and sleep it off tonight. Bear with me, I’ve got some gorgeous goodies to show you. A couple of Hedex and Berroca will sort me out for tomorrow!

Hi guys! Opinion day:


I am thinking of creating a Blog Sale page on the blog. As you know occasionally I have blog sales to keep my stash under check.  Usually these post disappear into a confusing pile of mush so I was thinking of transferring things that aren’t sold on the day to page on its own and […]

Review: Decleor Aromessence Essential Night Balm is rather good


I went through a bit of a Decleor phase after my first proper Spa visit, and *in a dumb and dumber voice* I like it a lot. But I haven’t committed to the whole skincare range. Are you mad? I’ve got plenty to go through first! Nevertheless, I picked up this Decleor Essential Balm which […]

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