I’ve got Shills! Shills Electric Eye Concealer that is…


I love concealer. Its my essential product. If my house ever burnt down all you would find is a pile of bones and lots and lots of concealer. (Do bones burn? I’ll pretend they don’t). My latest purchase, after being fairly underwhelmed by my recent expensive concealer hauls is this Shills Electra Eye Concealer. It […]

Ped Eggs Winner Announcement!

Ok, so the three winners of the Ped Egg are: Natalie (@ikielove on Twitter) MSunflower and Liloo Please use the contact form ladies and send me your addresses so we can get the product out to you! Congratulations and thanks to all who entered!

Comment Chaos at Casa Cosmetic Candy


Just to let you know, I am TRYING to reply to comments but everything is faulty. Trying to fix, will respond to comments as soon as. Meanwhile, make sure you didn’t miss the Lucky Dip Giveaway, or the Shine Spray Giveaway! Keep Commenting! I love to read your comments, they give me something to think […]

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