Can you guess what it is yet?


I’ll give you the answer to this tomorrow but I want you to humour me and guess what it is…. Ooohhh it gives me the heebie jeebies looking at repetitive patterns like that. Maybe its a sign I finally turning into a fruit loop? Guess guess guess! Be specific!

Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Cream Review Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Cream


I haven’t given up on the search for a BB cream for me (Blemish Balm – where skincare meets foundation meets concealer meets SPF). However, the fact is most of them are very light – too light for my NC30 – 35 skintone. I’ve even had some allergic reactions, such as itching and little bumps on the skin. Now – I have never heard of Nanoce before – it was actually reader and blogger Eve […]

OPI. Sterotypes. Nail Polish. Bootleg.


So I am currently in a ranty mood and browsing Look Fantastic for some…erm…essential items. So the OPI Hong Kong collection caught my eye. Hong Kong! Amazing City! Then I was looking at the names…. Gah. I’ll ignore the fact the collection looks like a mish mash of random colours that don’t remind me of Hong Kong (Vibrant, not Garish) but actually, I was just thinking how some of the names are naff. Its the […]

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