*Updated* Hair like Cheryl Cole


Woot! Getting my hair cut today (hopefully). I know a lot of people don’t like old Chezza, but I love her shorter hair style! This is what I’m taking to the hairdressers: Poor Cheryl. I actually respect the fact that she fought for her marriage the first time around, where a lot of women would have walked away, especially as she has money and a career or her own…but this time, Ashley you dirtie birtie, […]

Coffret D’or Eye Shadow Base Primer Review in 01 White


For as long as I can remember now, I’ve always used an eyeshadow base or primer. Something a bit sticky, a bit wet, a bit greasy as a base…it doesn’t feel right to me at all to just put eyeshadow on a lid. I am addicted, therefore to buying eyeshadow primers! Ask me, I bet I’ve tried it… My latest addiction is this Coffret D’or Eye base which comes in two shades: 01 – Sheer […]

Ellis Faas Milky Lips in Ellis Red Lip Colour Review & Swatch!


I reviewed an Ellis Faas Cream eyeshadow earlier this week – and it was quite nice although I wasn’t convinced by the colour. Here is a Milky Lips lip colour (not a lipstick, not quite a lip gloss) in Ellis Red, a classic blood red shade. There are 2 other textures – Glazed Lips (glossy) and Creamy Lips (rich and creamy…sounds like my kind of lip!). Once again, its that phallic…slightly skinny phallic bullet lip […]

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