Poll: Is drugstore / high street make up too expensive?


I was doing a bit of sympathy shopping the other day (sympathy for whom you ask? Why, for myself!) and decided to buy a few things from Boots as opposed to Harvey Nichols (everything they give me is always slightly faulty anyway), in a faux ‘look how frugal I’m being’ stance. I purchased three items and I nearly faked a concussion (again) at the till when the girl told me my total was about £27.60 […]

Weight Loss Update – February


So I mentioned last week I was trying out the Harcombe diet which on paper sounded easy. No carbs, no sugars, no tea or coffee, no milk…and a whole host of other things which make life worth living. Anyway here’s a few things that have been helping me (I say that but the scales will tell me the truth on Friday!). This is Baby Gomez, who is now 18 months. She (yes She) is a […]

Boots No. 7 Spring Collection: Mineral Lipstick, Highlighter Review


I’ve been sitting on the Limited Edition Spring collection from No. 7 for a while…but now its time for a review! Here is the collection – its fairly small, a highlighter, two lipsticks and an eyeshadow quad. . Oh metallic packaging. You are such a pain to photograph: Here is the shell like turquoise packaging. I loved the look of this in print but in person…its little old fashioned. Unless the packaging is supposed to […]

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