Poll: Is drugstore / high street make up too expensive?


I was doing a bit of sympathy shopping the other day (sympathy for whom you ask? Why, for myself!) and decided to buy a few things from Boots as opposed…

Weight Loss Update – February


So I mentioned last week I was trying out the Harcombe diet which on paper sounded easy. No carbs, no sugars, no tea or coffee, no milk…and a whole host…

Can you guess what it is yet?


Today you have to guess what my purchase is and what I would use it for beauty wise: I’ll say that I picked this up from the Japan Centre in…

Boots No. 7 Spring Collection: Mineral Lipstick, Highlighter Review


I’ve been sitting on the Limited Edition Spring collection from No. 7 for a while…but now its time for a review! Here is the collection – its fairly small, a…

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