Want longer hair? Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Review


It wasn’t until I had a horrendously mad mullet cut last year that I started looking up ways to get my hair to grow faster, quicker. All kind of things came up – special shampoos, special tables, horse tablets and what not. Not really willing to stretch to taking bizarre tablets for the sake of making my hair grow faster, so I have just been letting it slowly become humanish again. Then this Lee Stafford […]

Kill A Lemming – Payday Hauls


Here we go again! Every now and then I come up with a list of product that I just must buy and I get an itch. I buy it, it get used twice then discarded and forgotten. The other day I was at the shops and visited my favourite beauty floor in Selfridges. I ended up spending nearly two hours there because three girls from my favourite counters stopped me for chats (they’re like chums) […]

Happy New Year!


Wishing my readers a Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger, may you be as fierce as our stripy feline friends in the upcoming year. ????!

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