Valentines Lip Tip: Shills Lip Balm in Vanilla Milk


I can’t hear the word Shills without thinking: I got Shillssssssssssssssss They’re multiplyin’ So I made my first venture into Shills (A Taiwanese brand – thanks to Alison for letting me know!). The brand seems to be a bit of a mish-mash of things, a bit like Benefit bit with more variation. I had to buy the Vanilla Milk Lip Balm because how cute is the packaging? Cuuuuuttteeeeeeee! I love that moo moo cow. I […]

Suri Cruise wears Beaute Masochist Weightless Lip Creme


Well ok, I lied. I have no idea what she is wearing. But when I saw this picture of little Sci, the first thing I thought was: BEAUTE MASOCHIST LIP CREME! You know, that gloriously beautiful, vampy glossy red that is drop dead to look at but can look hoochie if you ain’t careful? My second thought is how much she looks like Tom Cruise (to me anyway). Anyway….if I were there I’d get a […]

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