Review & Swatches: Stargazer Nail Polishes, The Opals


You know I am a nail dunce, right? I am a perfectionist and if my poslish isn’t perfect it comes right off again. So, I was pleased to receive these three polishes from the ‘Opal’ range of Nail Polishes from Stargazer: Considering the fact that this is a bargain brand it doesn’t feel cheap. It applies easily too, but then again its also quite sheer to there’s few make up d’oh’s for me. The polishes […]

Sleek MakeUP Face Contour Kit Review


Sleek really is one of my favoured high street make up brands – when its good, its very good and well worth the price. I also like the simple black packaging that always feels heavy rather than light and cheap. This Contour Kit hit my doormat a few weeks ago – I love contour products although I tend to like doing it (if I bother) with my Nars Multiple Sticks (Malaysia and Copacabana). The Sleek […]

5 Totally Random Valentine’s Day Gift Picks!


Couldn’t possible go through the week without mentioning VALENTINES! I promise you girls, the older you get and the longer you have been in a relationship, the more you realise its just a pointless exercise in forcing people to spend huge amounts of money on mediocre flowers, bad food and cheesy greeting cards for one night…but there’s presents! Screw the pasta! Pass me the presents! £100+ 1.Diva Rebel Purple Python Straightener Limited Edition Gift Set! […]

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