Sunday Impulsive Shopping with Miss Candy

It’s Sunday and whats a better way to kill some time than a quick, what I call a ‘whip around’ the usual haunts? Despite my resolution to buy less make up this year, I still get…lets call it the urge. I presume its similar…(sorry, the cat has just decided to use my thigh knee as a barstool)…the urge sex addicts and alcoholics get when they just *need* a hit. I presume. Here are some bits […]

Strange Bust Enhancing Beauty Treatments: Gum and F-Cup Cookies


Here’s a tip. If you’re going to research ‘Breast Enhancements’ or anything with the word ‘Boob’, ‘Baps’ or ‘Babylons’ then make sure your Google Safe Search is ON. My eyes. So were talking boobies today – I was doing my usual look for unusual beauty gadgets trawl when I noticed some bust enhancing gum. I generally ignore things like that but then I noticed there were tons and tons of products made just for breast […]

Spring 2010 Wildflower Collection Nail Polishes by Barielle


So I don’t go nuts that often over Nail Polish but I did get all jittery when I saw the Wildflower Collection by Barielle for Spring. Its not quite pastel but its not neon either. Its pretty but interesting at the same time: The colours are inspired by florals (as you will see by the names). I really love June Bug. And Myzra’s Meadow. But anyway, here are the colours: A Bouquet for Eva: A […]

Lemming List: Clinique Instant Lift for Brows and


Ok I’ve got two lemmings from Clinique, released 01st Feb: Clinique Instant Lift for Brows (£12.50) – this has a brow pencil on one side, and a highlighter on the other. Its available in: Soft Blonde, Soft Brown and Deep Brown (I always go lighter so I’d opt for Soft Brown or even Soft Blonde for an uber natural look). Clinique High Lengths Mascara (£14.5o). This mascara is lengthening and lifting and the unique curved […]

Bargain Alert: Bloom Cosmetics Half Price at Superdrug


Dude – there I was innocently perusing in Superdrug yesterday (I was looking for L’oreal True Match foundation and Aussie Conditioner on offer for £2 – more on this later) and what happens? I look at the Bloom Counter which has THREE half price offers! Eye Paints – from £10 to £5 I didn’t buy any of these as I have the Clarins and MAC eye paints and don’t use them but I am regretting […]

Review: Japonesque Metal Precision Lash Curler


Having pesky poker straight lashes, I have forever been looking for a good mascara that truly holds curl (there are just a handful in the many mascaras I’ve tried over the years) and tools that make my lashes face the sky! Lash Perms I love but my lash experience was so traumatic. My eyes are not doing so good as it is so the last thing I am going to do is cause any more […]

Giveaway Winners! Did you win?


Well done girls, please email me your addresses via the contact form on this blog asap. I will wait 3 days before offering it to the next person *puts foot down* Day 1: Sienna X – Tan in a Can and Shimmer Spray @Sweetjojox Day 2: Fade Out Anti Wrinkle Cream Mika Chan Jane Willis Day 3: Fleurs De Bach – Elixirs Jean @MunchKim *hellokelbell* Day 4: Miss Bollywood – Glam X Foundation styleezta (please […]

Review: SKII Lip Repair, Oh-Er Posh Lip Balm!


Like many girls, I am obsessed with lip balm! Its one thing I keep buying more and more of. I try not to spend too much but I can’t help but be tempted – my most expensive purchase to date is a La Mer Balm (gorgeous) for £35. Since I bought some SKII skincare last month I decided to indulge in the Lip Repair Lip Balm too: I seriously dislike lip balms that are too […]

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