It’s Finished!


Wow – I finally finished not one, but two base products! Chanel Pro Lumiere and Lancome Teint Idole Ultra (Divine finish but struggling with it with my super dry skin). Very pleased with that, although I still have a number of new bases to crack open and try – L’oreal True Match is one of them (had to get 2 shades to mix together), Dior Forever and Bobbi Brown’s Moisturizing Tinted Balm (my skin is […]

Effective Branding: Do you like the Calorie Off Piggy


Sorry for the lack of product reviews guys! I have the amazing amazing huge box full of samples and purchases I am dying to review for you but I just haven’t got the time to crack things open and photograph them as well. Hang tight, there’s lots of good things coming up and a video. Now – I was surfing eBay again and I noticed some ‘Calorie Off’ weight loss products. Calorie Off sells a […]

Heading off to IMATS London 2010 at Alexandria Palace!


Woot! I will be going to IMATS (International Make Up Artist Trade Show) this weekend, held in London (UK) from the 30th to the 31st January 2010. Day Tripper! I’ve never been to IMATS before, so am excited and I also have some other cool things to do, see some friends, go to some meetings, get my hair cut – so on and so forth! Mama Candy is moving in and holding the fort for […]

Beauty Yay or Nay? Cheryl’s Bee Stung Lips


I don’t know many people Cheryl Cole doesn’t annoy, apart from…well, me. But anyway, the Daily Mail suspect Chezza, despite being a very beautiful girl has had a touch of the collagen lip: It definitely looks a lot thicker, especially her top lip. Could it be plumping gloss? My lips swell up like crazy if I use Lip Venom (never again) or eat Chilli. Chezza doesn’t need lip plumping, if she has actually done it […]

Beauty Yay or Nay?: Liz Jones Semi Permanent Brows and Lash Extensions


So Liz Jones is in the Daily Mail today reporting on two procedures she had (two minor, non evasive procedures unless…you don’t like needles). Semi Permanent Brows and Lash Extensions. If you don’t know Liz, she is a British Journalist and Writer. She has ruffled a lot of feathers with quite a few of her views and articles, but I can’t hate her cos she’s a cat momma like me. Anyway – what do you […]

Review: ELF Natural Mineral Lipstick


If there’s one product I have an ultimate weakness for its lipsticks and lip glosses. Well…ok I also have a weakness for foundation, concealer, mascara, cream shadows and brushes but…well, shut up! Lipsticks are fab because they are such a nice little boost. Its one of the few make up products that you buy and isn’t relegated to the bottom of a make up box – its something you take out and you whip out. […]

Beauty Yay or Nay? Heidi Montag’s Cosmetic Surgery


Ladies, today I’m feeling saucy and will be doing a number of Celebrity Yay or Nay posts thoughout the day…what do you mean is it a slow news day?! (I still haven’t been through my box of make up ‘To Photograph’ ok? Its so time consuming!) Celebrity No. 1: Heidi Montag from The Hills Ok this one is well documented. Heidi apparently had 10 procedures in November 2009 (and has obviously healed enough to reveal […]

Health Kick: Nude Detox Dietary Supplements


I will be trying out these Nude Capsules for the next month or so! I am always into the idea of vitamins and supplements – I have bought a lot from brands like DHC and Fancl (both Japanese brands that have supplements for EVERYTHING) but guess what – I never get round to taking any of them. As well as requiring discipline, my body is quite sensitive to new medicines and treatments so if I […]

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