Skincare: Jill Stuart Cleansing Oil and Fruity Cream Wash


Look what I picked up! Only the prettiest skincare ever! These two are (generous) sample sizes: The packaging from this Jill Stuart Skincare had me from hello. The Cleansing Oil is a smaller version of the full sized one – it has the princessy lid (reminds me of the Crystals from The Crystal Maze?) First impression – the cleansing oil is very nice, a little on the thin side and it smells fab and fruity […]

Shiseido Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation SPF 15 REVIEW!


There is one powder foundation that I love – its by Albion, but aside from that, they all crust up on me. Nice start to the review, eh? But if anyone can make a nice base, Shiseido can! This Smoothing Compact Foundation is powder based and can ONLY be used Dry. No spritzing your sponge with Evian! Now, this powder foundation is supposed to work even on dry and rough skin (like mine is at […]

Benefit Cream Eyeshadow Swatch – My Dates My Brother


I largely ignore Benefit cream eyeshadows although looking back at my old review, I was once madly in love with them. I picked this one up cos I fancied a sparkly peach: This is more of a warm sheer peach. The texture is medium not too soft, not too hard – reminds me of MAC cream shadows in the pot (don’t know my MAC very well, can you tell?) Swatch: On the eyes….looks a bit […]

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