Review: Lancome Ombre Perfecteur Eyeshadow Primer Base


Eyeshadow Primers. Love them. Can’t live without them. UDPP is still the one people love, but I find it a tad dry and it makes shadows a little hard to blend (I do like Too Faced Shadow Insurance the most and Lunasol’s Eye base). This Lancome Ombre Perfecteur Eyeshadow Base caught my eye because its in a handy click pen. Click! They say: Waterproof and long-wearing, this matte finish formula holds eyeshadow perfectly in place […]

Would you like to be a Tester for Cosmetic Candy?


Its full steam ahead at Candy HQ, and let’s just say I am inundated, not just for this blog but in all aspects of my life. So this is where you come in. I am looking for a roster for people who would be happy to test out and review products for me. I would send an good sized sample for you to test and it could be anything – skincare, hair stuff, cosmetics. You […]

Review: Japanese Bestselling Lip Balm: Be Zen Glossy Lip Treatment


I wonder if I will ever wake up and go, I am sick of Lip Balm? Well at the moment my passion for lip balm is still huge! Up for testing on my chapped lips (all that lipbalm and still they flake) is the Be Zen Treatment Lip Gloss – its a bestseller in Japan and is supposed to be both a (clear) gloss and a lip balm. Errr…..a bit like most glossy lip balms. […]

Nice Highlighter: Stila Kajal Pencil in Topaz


Stilaaaaaa! Stilaaaaa! Where for art thou? Well infact, Stila is everywhere in the UK, constantly on sale, on eBay, Brand Alley etc. etc. I like Stila but I don’t have a knockout product from the company. I picked up this Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz after people told me it was the perfect inner eye highlighter. “Geez, haven’t you heard of it?” they said in the comments. Yah I have heard of it, but I couldn’t […]

How heavy is your Handbag?


Just seen a report on the news (must be a quiet day) about how women are ‘downsizing’ their handbags. Downsizing….hand…..bag…..DO. NOT. COMPUTE. I have a bad back and shoulders as it is with my enormous Chi-Chis so I have been trying to downsize. I bought the Alexander Wang Coco Duffel Bag which is much smaller than my normal bag thinking it would force me to downsize. Mistake. The Wang has metal studs on the bottom […]

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