Lip Lightening Treatments – Why?!


Hair. Skin. Teeth. Anus. Is there anything left that can’t be lightened? Not according to Beauty DIY… Lightening Lip Mask: Girl, I hope they paid you well Personally speaking, I have quite pigmented lips that are quite pink. I have lip concealer type products if I want a really neutral base but these days I kind of work with it – so I can use a sheer gloss and still look like rosy. But a […]

Lips of the Day: Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick in Rouge Preciosa


Today I need some colour. My face needs some oomph. Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick in Rouge Preciosa is on my lips and is got a stunning texture, SPF 12 and Pro-Xylane. I don’t know what that is, but I like it! It looks darker in the tube than it does on my lips… I am just having one of those weeks I’m afraid, if my sombre tone comes across in posts, then please accept my […]

Stash: Scott Barnes Collection Lipstick, Lip Liners and Slicks


Now we are going to look at my little lip collection from Scott Barnes. I have two of the lip liners, two flossy glossy’s (lip glosses) and three lip slicks that are in pots. Let’s start with the lip slicks! These are medium thick textured, pigmented lip glosses with a rich gloss effect. I LOVE these. Instant sex bomb. I don’t like and have never liked lip products in a pot though – not very […]

Stash: Scott Barnes Make Up Collection – Eyeshadows


Good Morning Girls, What a week its been! I can’t believe I am only in week 2 of a New Year and have had so much unfortunate luck already. Nevertheless, I am optimistic – after all we are incredibly fortunate to be here and we should spread some love to the people of Haiti. And on that happy note, I thought I’d do a stash focus post today on Scott Barnes. Scott is well known […]

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