Review: Japanese Santen FX V+ Eye Drops are minty fresh!


Sob…sob…..everyone needs a good cry sometimes…. Not me though. I only cry in the vicinity of an onion or if I’ve been punched by a cat (it happens more often than you thin). I have a thing for eye drops because my eyes are very sore, very tired, and very red and watery most of the time (I am writing this post at 4.50am by the way!) I don’t think much of the eye drops […]

Haul: Lunasol Star Shower Eyes and Full Glamour Lipstick


Quick haul post today! I picked up some Lunasol (its been a while) just before Christmas! Greens are my favourite so I got this Star Shower Eyes palette in 02 Medium Night and Full Glamour Lipstick S in Pink Beige: Lunasol is sure pretty, but a bit on the expensive side. With the exchange rate this palette is about £26. All of the colours have a sheer shimmer and the darkest colour is very pigmeted. […]

Skincare Routine Update: Karin Herzog Week 4-5

Ok, so I am in about week 5 now of the Karin Herzog Skincare routine. I have to say, the Chocolate Cleanser and Scrub are running a little on the low side. Maybe I’ve been using too much? I’m not sure but you do only get a 50ml bottle (cleansers are usually 150ml-200ml aren’t they?). The major breakouts (in clusters) has stopped. However, 5 days ago I had to gigantic, pus filled, painful volcanoes appear […]

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